Product Introduction

Pipe section rock-wool products have high density and are imbued with thermal resistance resin. Pipe-section insulation products are for insulating pipes and are available in different sizes. Normally pipe section products are cut in half for smooth installation and flexibility in installation for elbows and t-shapes. Aluminum foils are available for pipe sections applied in more humid regions or those exposed to condensations or installed out-door. The pipe-section products are produced according to ASTM C585.

Product Specifications

Product Usage


·        Excellent thermal and acoustical properties

·        Excellent vibration resistance

·        High stability

·        Free from hazardous materials

·        Easy installation and transportation

Pipe-section rock-wool insulations are extensively used in insulating warm and cold pipes in vast range of applications including residential buildings, petrochemicals and refineries, heavy industries, pipe transportation systems, etc.

 Density kg/m3









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