Product Introduction

Blanket rock-wool insulation shows excellent thermal and acoustical insulating properties. Normally a wire mesh is attached to blanket products, distinguishing such products from other types of rock-wool insulations. Blanket rock-wool insulations are very dense and resin free which this matter increases their thermal resistance up to 8000C. The fibers are actually woven in blanket products which increases the products bending and tensile strength. Blankets are offered with craft-paper covers, aluminum foils, and fire resistance textile or without jacketing. The blanket products are produced according to ASTM C592 and are available with single side or double side wire meshes.

Product Specifications

Product Usage


·        Excellent thermal and acoustical properties

·        High resistance toward high amplitude, high frequency vibrations

·        Fire retardant

·        High stability

·        Free from hazardous materials

·        Easy installation and transportation

·        Excellent characteristics for insulation austenite steel surfaces

Blanket rock-wool insulations are mostly used for heavy industrial applications with high temperature differences or vibrations such as insulation curved and extended surfaces, heavy pipes, furnaces, exhaust outlets, boilers and steam tanks.

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