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Rockwool is a kind of fibrous hot insulation made of mineral wools. The substantial material in manufacturing rock-wool is basalt rock which is originally from volcanic igneous rocks residues and can be found extensively in our country. Due to existence of some impurities within the substantial rock material , the purity of the products might differ with various producers. The production process of the rockwool normally consists of the following steps : At first, the basalt rock is heated up to 1500 Celsius  in which the basalt rock is melted and formed into melted silicates. The rock lava is then pressure molded transforms into thin fibers with 6 Micron thickness which these fibers constitute the rock-wool insulation.
Rock-wool insulation products are availabale in various densities, dimensions and forms. The forms include lose wool wich is molded through cavities pipe-sections, blanket types , mattress and slabs.
Rock-wool insulation products are offered with or without jacketing and cladding . Rock-wool does not have any hazardous contact exposure and is perfectly compatible with other structural materials. The thermal function domain of rock-wool is between -300C and 7500C.
Rock-wool has a very low thermal conductivity and it insulating characteristic is 33 times and 22 times greater than concrete wall and brick wall respectively.